some people are victims. some are predators. some are both.
CRUSHED is one of the most intense Horror / Thrillers you will ever see. A gloves off assault on your senses that could never have been
made inside the "Hollywood Studio System". A must for have for every fan of the genre. Be warned you may never date again.


This has to be the sickest most evil movie I have ever seen.

Whoever wrote this is definitely sick and evil and needs to be put in a mental institution. We need to take back our society and rid them of these creeps.


I cannot believe that out society allows this kind of evil to be put up on the screen. I am hoping that the author dies very soon so they cannot create another abomination against man like this movie



I have a friend who freelances for one of the better film magazines here in the UK. Yesterday he called and just said "come over. You HAVE to see this". Then he hung up. Hm.

A couple of hours later, instead of languishing on his sofa as I had imagined, observing some dire, low-rent waste of my life through bored, slitted eyes, as I had so many times, I was clawing the air. Hissing things like "Jesus". And "shit!"

I am a film fanatic grown jaded over the years, having seen everything before. And CRUSHED wears its precedent references proudly (I am sure, many people mention Ôdishon in the same breath as this film, although I felt it had more in common with the Ôdishon of Ryu Murakami than that of Miike-san).

But there was so much in there that I TRULY felt I hadn't seen before. There was so much you did right, it made me gasp, several times. It's use of colour felt positively hallucinatory. Patrick's storytelling dynamic, criminally excellent pacing, such skillful rendering of a basic premise; there was not a single wasted moment in your film. He is particularly adept at framing shots, I was so fucking impressed. And the laughter - Keith Malley is such a natural comedic talent, and when I saw Lobotmised Phil in the closet, well, I chuckled and just said: "like a plaything of Dahmer".

Needless to say that Natalie's performance was astonishing; I simply couldn't take my eyes off her.

I won't lie to you - I went home with a copy (I have to be able to see it again). However, do you know if the US release will be paired with a PAL DVD release? If so, I will certainly be purchasing a copy.

Thank you for a great experience, and once again - good fucking job.





Crushed aka She's Crushed (US)
Filmed with cast and crew from Dallas, Austin, New York, LA, and Sweden.

CRUSHED is a violently twisted love story about love a girl named Tara (Natalie Dickinson) who easily becomes obsessed and goes to sick extremes to try to keep a guy—a social commentary of love and the effects of violence brilliantly disguised as a slasher* film.

The film also stars Swedish film and television actor Henrik Norlén as Ray and New York-based comedian Keith Malley, best known from his #1 comedy podcast, Keith and the Girl.

Before even hitting the big screen, CRUSHED has generated worldwide buzz through an innovative, cinematic experiment on YouTube that has been ramping up for over a year.

Through the YouTube channel, "Taraiscrushed", Natalie Dickinson, blogging as Tara, introduces and develops the main character of the film in a way no movie has before.

For over one year, the 80+ YouTube video blogs have been popular with unwitting viewers watching the character of the movie become the character in the movie.

The audience is captivated by videos like the haunting (“You Broke Me”) and a powerful and disturbing (Back in Black).

The videos have garnered much controversy and attention. The video blog channel held the position of #5 Most Subscribed at one time and currently has over 2500 subscribers and over half a million views.

The vblog will end where the film starts and blend into a trailer for the film. Loyal viewers are sure to be shocked as it unfolds into a movie. The emails, comments, and video responses “Tara” has received from other YouTube users are a film in themselves.

Hold It Now! Films’ last provocative, blood-filled feature, Side FX, took Best Picture honors at the Deep Ellum Film Fest, 2004.


main art

Crushed (aka) She's Crushed International Art


Context: In August 2006, a new user called "taraiscrushed" started uploading videos on Youtube. They were essentially vlogs by a women in her mid-20s called Tara. At first, the videos were of the usual sort you would find there; diaries about Tara's day-to-day life. As the weeks and months passed, Tara displayed increasing signs that things were not right, along with revealing a difficult past. It turns out this was an elaborately planned promotional campaign (which some may understandably qualify as a hoax) for the movie that I am now going to review, Crushed. This will be followed by a mini-review of the uploaded promotional campaign.


Crushed features a premise that is almost identical to the 80s classic Fatal Attraction. Ray (Henrik Norlén) cheats on his girlfriend with the new girl in town, Tara (Natalie Dickinson). He wants it to remain a one night stand but she has other plans. Unlike Fatal Attraction the movie doesn't revolve mainly around Ray's point of view. Sure, we see things from his perspective once in a while and learn more about him but the lion's share of screen time goes to Tara. Her behavior becomes increasingly disturbed as the film goes on and thanks to this character, the movie is far from a Fatal Attraction rip-off. Tara does not want to let go and when she feels threatened by the people around this man she is obsessed with, she goes to any length to get them out of her way. And this is where this movie goes into modern horror territory. The gruesomeness displayed reminded me partly of Hannibal (although director Patrick Johnson's work will not be confused for Ridley Scott). The acting might not be great, the cinematography is basic and the thing was filmed on a budget but still, that violence was probably the thing the movie had most going for it. It's definitely not for the squeamish and has Hostel overtones.

The overall screenplay and direction does have problems. The most blatant was the lack of chemistry between the two leads. Patrick Johnson made an odd choice right from the start by not having Tara and Ray share a single moment of mutual interest, lust, passion or even flirting on screen. She picks him up while he's completely drunk bordering on passed out, we fade to black, then the next thing Ray wakes up next to her and leaves in a hurry. The whole movie revolves around one thing: Tara's obsession with that man but how she actually gets hooked is barely implied. This rings somewhat hollow as a viewer and prevents the movie from having the intensity it could easily have had.

This film was obviously made cheaply and strange casting choices also affect the product. Swedish actor Henrik Norlén seems talented but very much not at ease playing an American war veteran. His accent is noticeable in some places more than others and this also seems to affect his acting delivery. Natalie Dickinson is doing a solid job in a dream role (so many actors have put themselves on the map playing bad guys and psychos!) although a bit inconsistent at times. But overall, she does well playing Tara who alternates between irony- filled psycho and a hurt soul with a difficult past. Many of the supporting actors were adequate but special nod goes to Keith Malley, who has great comic instinct and is a real natural on camera!

Where the budget shows is in the action sequences, if I may call them that. There is some pretty rigid cinematography and editing here, which could have used more creativity. That's a shame because in other places, Johnson shows nice artistry with beautiful, evocative shots.


This is extremely ambitious when you realize this movie is just getting out while these videos were updated through three full years. They revolve entirely around Tara, as if it was a real person's Vlog. And while you sense some structure in many videos, it looks like Natalie Dickinson ad-libbed much of it. And that's actually what is so wonderful about it. The less structure, the more soul she seems to give to Tara. As well, an entirely unexploited side of her in the film is explored here. She is much less caricatural, seems vulnerable and displays her artistic side. I was very disappointed that her paintings did not appear at all in the movie. Having praised the down to earth nature of the promo, several clips actually hint that this is staged, and some show the darker side of Tara. Unlike the movie, none of the 50-or- so clips features any sign that this would be such an intense and gory movie. I think only one clip has Tara throw F-bombs if i recall correctly. But the most surprising thing to me was that the clips made Tara into a gorgeous women, the kind that would certainly fascinate people, while the Tara of the movie seems bland in comparison. It is strange that these clips that are even cheaper than the movie flatter Natalie Dickinson even more than the movie (she has a magnetic gaze thanks to amazing eyes).


You could always watch the promo on youtube but it doesn't share all that much with the movie, except as an appetizer. As for the film, I think it has flaws but the intensity of certain scenes will make it worthwhile for horror/thriller fans. An intense little ride that would have been improved by tighter direction and a better co-lead. It is a pity that Patrick Johnson didn't use the vlogs more efficiently in the narrative of the film. A missed opportunity in that regard. Still, he does nice things here and Natalie Dickinson shows some promise as well.

–siamois via IMDB



Okay, let me just start off by saying if you liked movies like Audition (Ôdishon, 1999) or May (2002), then you are most definitely going to love this one.

Yes, this is not a major Hollywood production with millions of dollars in the production, but wow! This movie was thrilling from start till end. It is one of the most disturbing movies I have seen.

The way the movie is shot is phenomenal, the images and the camera angles. The images go from being serene and pure to being disturbing and downright diabolic.

Crushed (or "She's Crushed") will keep you nailed - almost literally - to your chair throughout the entire length. The movie is one big roller-coaster ride, building up suspense and tipping over with great thrills, and often toe-curling scenes.

The characters in the movie are vividly brought to life by an amazing cast. None of which I can recall having seen before. The cast really did a great acting job in this movie. And the set was good as well, very believable. Natalie Dickinson (Tara) and Henrik Norlén (Ray) were perfect in the lead roles.

The gore effects were good, but some quite obviously fake. But that didn't matter, because the whole movie is so well put together that you will look past some fake effects. It has enough blood to keep even gorehounds glued to the screen.

This is one of those movies that will stay with you for a long time. The images are compellingly haunting, bizarre and beautiful at the same time. And the characters are believable and real. A shame that it haven't gotten more attention than it did, because this is most definitely a movie worth watching - a gem in an otherwise flooded genre of thrillers.

Not only is the movie great entertainment, but it also leaves you with some questions. Could this happen for real? Should we trust strangers who come into our lives?

I felt like I had my teeth pulled out and still I was begging for more! Watch this one! You will not be disappointed!

–Paul Haakonsen from Denmark via IMDB



For those who enjoy brutal violence generously delivered by a woman you wouldn't mind taking to bed yourself (assuming she wouldn't kill you too) then this is a movie for you... A very well made blood and guts piece in which the director did a thoughtful job of helping us, the audience members, try to understand the murderous impulses of the killer. In many ways, this movie is more about the cause and affect of violence than the simple blood on the walls shock fest that is so prevalent in today's horror market... and although I did appreciate the director, Patrick Johnson, taking the time to elevate this piece or at least attempt to do so, I still can't help but feel he shied away from an element that seemed completely natural to the story; nudity. there should have been more nudity. Movie violence and nudity go together like peanut butter and jelly especially if the killer is a good looking female sociopath.

If they do a sequel to this little gem, I hope they do it in 3D!!

–velusion via IMDB



This movie wasn't too bad for a low-budget thriller/horror movie. There were buckets of blood/gore, tons of maiming and a lot of sick sadistic acts perpetrated by the main psychotic freak. What really killed the movie the most for me, though, is how much of a weak pathetic loser the guy is portrayed as. He has many opportunities to take the chick out in the movie, but since he's such a pathetic wuss you'll find yourself yelling at him to grow a pair and do something besides being a tool. They should have picked an actor more congruent to the role, the actor here is a pretty decent size guy and yet he can't take out a little 115 lb psychotic chick when he has the chance (and he has many!). GROW A SET OF TESTICLES MAN!

Anyway, as I said there is a ton of gore, the story is quite intense and for the most part the actors do a good job; the problem for me is the absurdity of the guys situation and how he handles it... or in this case, fails to handle it.

Would I recommend it? Yes, it's a good ride and has decent shock value. The story is decent enough to keep you there, if only to see what she'll do/get away with next. Another thing I'd like to know is how when she's cutting people up she only gets blood on her face and nowhere else...

– azayzel from United States


Crazy. If one word were to pin point describing all women, crazy would be that sole word. In my lifetime, I’ve experienced various levels of crazy from social and personal relationships; these varied levels result in leaving you in a collective state of confusion, sorrow, anguish, fear and anger. Quite a few times I have been on dates where I’ve actually feared for my life: I’ve dated women who cut themselves for the “just because” satisfaction, I’ve dated women who have a jump-out-of-a-high-building-window suicidal tendency and I’ve dated women who think romantic conversation and/or sleeping behind my back would be a good idea – this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want balls out crazy, watch She’s Crushed because it will leave you never wanting to date….ever again. I don’t even know if I want to go outside again. I would much rather just have relations with my right hand than date a girl like the movie’s character – Tara.

Tara seems like the girl next door. In fact, she is the girl next door to where Ray works. Ray seems like the perfect guy. He’s handsome, charming and has a stable job. When Tara and Ray have a one night stand, Ray, the next day, wants to put his mistake behind him due to just one little problem – his girlfriend. However, Tara creates a fantasy world where being with Ray is the only way to live and killing others to get closer to him delights her. If anyone, including Ray, steps into her sights, sadistic Tara will kidnap, torture, lobotomize and kill them just to prove a point that no one is safe from the wrath of a “fuck and run”.

Most of you might recall having seen something similar to this movie before. It echoes a poor man’s Fatal Attraction except Natalie Dickinson, Tara, is significantly hotter than that dried-up, burn-unit-looking-victim Glenn Close will ever be and Henrik Norlen, Ray, is no Michael Douglas yet oddly resembles him in some fashions…like his “it’s almost a mullet but it’s not” hair cut. The premise is the same; guy with girlfriend sleeps with another gal and that gal has a murderous hissy fit when being rejected by the guy. Tara, however, has an inexplicable taste for lobotomies and hacking up her former torturees into itty bitty parts just so they’ll fit snugly into a suitcase. I’d say Tara has rooted issues much deeper than Glenn Close’s character which can be concluded by watching Tara go all Jesus of Nazareth with the feet of Ray’s girlfriend, nailing them to the floor and going to town on her little piggies!

Tara’s underlying cause for her insanity isn’t 100% clear. Apparently, she was abducted, raped and held prisoner in her younger days – all played out during a montage. This question is one of many that came to mind after watching She’s Crushed, others included: Why is Tara’s mother in the psych ward? Why is Tara’s father (or stepfather) fucking Tara? How the hell does Tara know so much about Ray, does he have his own wikipedia page? Why does Tara lobotomize her victims reducing them to a drooling waste of human space? Why doesn’t Ray stop being a pussy and kick the crazy out of this psycho? Some of the blame for the numerous inquiries can be contributed to choppy and sporadic mess of the editing and transitioning scenes. Another question, did the director and editor feel that they needed to implement every single editing technique from the Film Making for Dummies handbook?

Overall, your mind will obtain the gist of the film’s plot while attempting to push all the annoying questions and the Picasso editing fiascoes aside. Natalie Dickinson, by herself, is worth every screen appearance as she brings sexy and scary into each scene – a bit over-the-top at times but an effective loony none-the-less. I would suggest She’s Crushed as a totally torturiffic film and a good way to start off the new year by bringing Tara and her psychotic tendencies in your movie watching life on DVD February 16, 2010 or you can pre-order your copy today

By Steven Tee


What an awesome little gem I watched last night. I really did not know what to expect from this low budget film but wow I was kind of blown away. Yes, it does have some plot holes and not the best audio, but the two main characters were really good and kept me watching. The woman is bloody ruthless and that's to put it lightly. It's a suspense/ thriller/ horror with all the fixings.
This film has got Fatal Attraction beat hands down, so you know now where this film is going. Honestly, it makes Fatal Attraction look like a kids movie...... my opinion only!!!
I recommend this film to anyone!


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